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Motusfilm is a video production studio founded by Davide & Marco Megueni, both directors and camera operators with several years of experience on making videos for Privates, Companies, Creative Agencies and Broadcast. It’s based in the north of Italy, but it works for clients all over the world, producing hi-end quality videos.
Motusfilm is focused on Commercials, Tv Show and Dcumentary, Music Videos, Weddings, Indie productions.
The name Motusfilm is inspired by the latin word “Motus” that means: motion, emotion, passion

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Here is a list of things we can do for you

Video Production

Motusfilm is a video production studio and that means that we take care of all the process of making a video, from the script to the final delivery. If you got a script and you want to start the production or if you need ispirations, feel free to Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you realize your idea.  Take also a look to our latest successful projects to see how we work.

Camera Operator

We can provide up to 2 professional Camera Operators, fully equipped in order to accomplish your need. Drop us a line to request a quote or to get further info.

Editing Video

We know how important is the editing phase in the process of making a video. In this phase is where all the magic happen, because here you put togheter all your clips to create the story you want to tell. If you have no time or maybe the right tools or simply you don’t know how to do, leave the job to us. You will be surprised by the final result.

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